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Universal USB Wall Socket
  • Universal USB Wall Socket
  • Universal USB Wall Socket
  • Universal USB Wall Socket
  • Universal USB Wall Socket
  • Universal USB Wall Socket
  • Universal USB Wall Socket
  • Universal USB Wall Socket
  • Universal USB Wall Socket
  • Universal USB Wall Socket

Universal USB Wall Socket

HE-522 is a universal USB wall socket which with 5 pin international AC socket and 2 USB outlets,it can be used in most of countries in the world.
Input: AC110V-250V 50/60Hz USB output: 5V2.4A
Material: Fire-proof PC+Tin phosphorus bronz Dimension: 86mm*86mm*36mm
Gross Weight: 150g Package: Paper box

Product Description:

HE-522 series USB wall socket is a main product in Hien's product range.The design of it is universal 5 holes socket with double USB charging ports,some models also have a LED night light and switch.

At present,the HE-522 series USB wall socket be widely used in many countries commercial place,such as hotel,coffee shop,restaurant,school,hospital,office and some new constructions and rasied highly reputation from clients.

HE-522 socket with widely input voltage range AC90V-264V,suit for most of countries using.and the universal 5 holes socket can accept US,UK,EU,AU,CN plugs plug in.Double USB charging ports be designed as 1 for Android USB devices and another is for IOS products charging,very comvenient for all kinds of mobile phones,tablets,camera,mp3/4 and other USB devices charging.

Product Parameter:

Model No.:HE-522 USB wall socket

Panel material:Flame-ratardant PC

Shrapnel material:Tin phosphorus bronze

Input:AC110V-250V 50/60Hz

Max Output:13A

2 USB output:DC5.0V2400mA


LED night light:YES/NO

Socket type:universal 5 holes



Double USB charging ports 5V2.4A output 

Widely input voltage AC110V-250V

Fire-proof PC panelDurable tin phosphorus bronze

Universal 5 pin socket type 

ErP 6.0 standard highly efficiency

Led  night light and switch design

White and champagne and other customize colors

CE and RoHS certification approved 

Factory & WarehouseShenzhen Hien technology co.,ltd was founded in 2009,formerly known as Shenzhen Huaen technology co.,ltd.

Since it's tablishment,Hien always specialized in all kinds power supply products' design,produce and sale.Nowadays,Hien's product including mobile phone charger,power adapter,USB wall socket outlet,wireless charger,car jump starter,power bank and the accessories  such as wall mounting box,power IC,LED driver,switch USB modules and others.

In hien's product range,the USB wall socket and the power charger is the best selling products.take the USB wall outlet for example,Hien designed universal 5 holes USB socket,UK standard USB wall socket,America standard double USB wall outlet and Europe wall socket with USB charging ports,the USB ports have 1 or 2 or 4 or 6 ports,very convenient for charging using.

Hien's cutomers spread all over the world,such as the international hotels,construction company,public commercial place,school,hospital,trading company,factory and distributors.

Hien will always do best for any client from any country!

Hien AdvantagesWith own R&D team,provide clients the best product solution quicklyUSB wall socket have own patent100% brand new PC fire-proof materialUSB output current larger than the marked currentMulti types for choosingSuperior qualityCompetitive priceBest service and aftersale serviceQuick delivery timeAccept OEM,ODM orders  


1.Which countries this USB wall socket can be used in?

Re:This socket is universal 5 holes design,it could be used in most of countries except South Africa,Brazil,Italy,Chile and other countries which plug is same as the above countries.

2.Does the USB charging ports support Iphone charging?

Re:Yes.the 2 USB charging ports are be designed one for general USB devices charging,another is special for IOS system products charging.

3.Use 2.1A or 2.4A charging current will hurt 5V1A mobile phone or not?

Re:No.every mobile phone has it's own charging management,it will control the charging current when charging.

4.They USB output current really can reached to 2.4A?

Re:Yes.Hien make sure each USB wall socket with a current higher than the mark current,take a example,when you buy our 2.1A output USB socket,the true output current of this socket is 2.1A~2.3A or more.And the socket also have constant voltage and contant current protections.

5.Why you don't make the USB output current more bigger,such as 3A 4A or more?

Re:USB wall socket is make the USB charger built-in the wall socket,if the current is two big,the socket will get very hot when they working,it will decrease the socket's life time.


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