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How to know if your phone is Wireless charging compatible?

How to know if your phone is Wireless charging compatible?

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Shopping strategy- how to choose a proper wireless charger?


Since iPhone 8 and iPhone X announced support wireless charging, the entire wireless charger market has revived.There are more and more different wireless chargers appeared to consumers sight,how to choose a best wireless charger is a important question to all of us.

Face to the ubiquitous wireless charger market, some friends may Dazzled by therm and don't know how to choose. Today,let's take a look of some main wireless chargers in the market, and analysis what we should concern when buy a wireless charger for our phone.

First of all,we should know that iPhone 8 and iPhone X are Qi standard and the support normal charge 5W and fast charge 7.5W two kinds of charge power.

Qi 5W

This is a original wireless charge power since the wireless charger come to the market,choose a 5w wireless charger,it will charge the iPhone 8 or iPhone X stable and smoothly,but the time is longer.The advantage is the iPhone will not get heat and the costs is lower.We will introduce several models of 5w wireless charger in the following page:

Natural bamboo wireless charger: the advantage is it is made by natural material,echo-friendly and human friendly.And also it is painted water-proof oil on it,people don't worry it will be damaged by water and other Locust.

Ultra slim wireless charger: if you are desire to the ultra thickness of the wireless charging pad,there are many kinds of ultra-thin wireless charging pad you may pay high attention to. After all you have a such extremely slim iPhone 8/iPhone X,choose a slim wireless charging pad for it is more match.

Qi 7.5W

We know Samsung has 10W fast wireless charge before,but since iPhone 8 and iPhone X come to the market,people get a new conception of 7.5W fast charge,yes it is only for Apple phones.

As the iPhone 8/iPhone X have strictly temperature control of the charging,so the wireless charger must with high quality and advanced Heat dissipation. if not,the wireless charging will be interrupt seveval minutes or second a time when the temperature increasing.

Wireless charge is a new trend in mobile phones' charging day by day,but there are lots of wireless chargers in the market,the price covers $2 to $30 or more.Choose a better wireless charger not only can give you a enjoyable experience,but also can protect your smartphones from damage.


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