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How to know if your phone is Wireless charging compatible?

How to know if your phone is Wireless charging compatible?

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The hot sale wireless charger in the market


iQi Mobile (Qi) for iPhone/Lightning


Qi Mobile wireless charging adaptor is a simple, unobtrusive way to make your Lightning-equipped iPhone work with Qi-compatible wireless chargers. You simple plug it into your Lightning ports, stick it to the back of your iPhone, pop a thin case on there to cover it up, and you’re good to go.

The device works exactly as advertised. However, your phone gets rather warm if you charge for extended periods; it’s not exactly inconspicuous if you don’t use a case; and it adds just enough bulk to make many cases bulge a bit.

Samsung Wireless Charge Pads (Qi)

Samsung’s Qi wireless charge pad

Samsung’s 5v Wireless Charge Pad is well-designed and easy to use. It has a circular rubber ridge that helps hold your device in place while it charges. A plastic LED covers its circumference and glows to let you know if your Qi-compatible phone is properly placed or needs to be repositioned. If you own a Galaxy S6 device or Note5, it also uses audio alerts to signify charging progress. And it comes in both black and white.

Samsung offers "fast charge pad" that wirelessly powers up your phone "1.4x faster" than the 5v version, as well. Oh, and all you comic book fans will also be thrilled to hear the 5v pad is available in an "Avengers Edition" that looks just like Captain America’s shield. Just don’t attempt to use it in public.

WoodPuck wireless charger (Qi)

WoodPuck is made of genuine "Mao Zhu" bamboo, which is apparently the Chinese name for the popular "Moso" bamboo that reportedly grows much more quickly than the average tree and is therefore more sustainable. All that really matters to me is that it looks rather sharp sitting on the glass-and-oak end table in my living room.

FurniQi wireless charging table (Qi)

Most of today’s wireless chargers look more than a little like those silly old UFOs in 50s B movies. These modern wireless chargers are generally designed to stand out, to grab your attention, but wireless chargers of the future will be much more inconspicuous.

FurniQi wireless charging bamboo side table. Made of bamboo, FurniQi’s modern, minimalist design is perfect for your connected home. Its tan-colored power cord blends in well with the bamboo, and you have to look closely at the table’s surface to even notice its built-in charge spot.


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