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How to know if your phone is Wireless charging compatible?

How to know if your phone is Wireless charging compatible?

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Wireless charging


Wireless charging has been around for almost a decade and most notably was one of the main selling points of Nokia’s ill-fated Lumia range.  

“It is amusing that today’s announcements may prompt many people to think that Apple invented wireless charging, even though the technology was first debuted on smartphones by Palm in 2009 and Nokia, LG, Samsung and others have supported it for years,” said Geoff Blaber, analyst at CCS Insight.  

It has been adopted by a number of other smartphones since, and McDonalds and Starbucks have been among the retailers to hold trials of wireless-enabled furniture in their branches. Even IKEA has got in on the act.

Now Apple also add wireless charging , combined with its unparalleled marketing ability, mean wireless charging is about to go mainstream. People will become comfortable with using the technology, while the arrival of the iPhone X and iPhone 8 will stimulate the accessory market.


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