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Xiaomi to launch wireless charging alliance to empower mobile life

Xiaomi to launch wireless charging alliance to empower mobile life

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Hunting from a cloud network executives there learned that being a veteran anti-virus company Rising and foreign anti-virus vendor Symantec acquisition negotiations to Rising Simon valuation is 100 million dollars. But Simon Simon feels that given the valuation is too low , the negotiations currently in a stalemate .

Hunting cloud network events from executives close to the negotiations informed by the news that the executives also revealed further hunting cloud network , in fact, Symantec and the Rising of the contacts and negotiations not just in the near future . Last year, Symantec initiative to find Rising, seek to acquire , but also because the valuation issues , the two sides did Tanlong . The negotiation initiator is Rising, Rising Symantec assess the market value of 100 million dollars or so , but this valuation , Rising aspects do not agree. "Rising think the valuation is too low, so the negotiations currently being in a stalemate ."

Rising and Symantec matters for negotiation , hunting cloud network call Rising Marketing Director Tangwei , Tang Wei , said the company has not heard of the matter .

Rising anti-virus vendors is the veteran , who once occupied the vast majority of domestic anti-virus market share , but with the rapid rise of 360 free anti-virus vendors to quickly build a large market share , leading to rising represented by the traditional antivirus vendors suffered one defeat , only retreated to the enterprise market , and finally rising only to follow the strategy , to individual users free of charge.

However , rising in recent years, companies have begun to transition to the Internet , in addition to free Personal Edition , were also rely on free strategy to build up their own traffic system, but too late to start rising transition to the Internet , this strategy could save the downturn, remains to be seen .

The Offeror Symantec (Symantec) was founded in April 1982 , the company is headquartered in California , with offices around the world , under which there are well-known Norton antivirus products . According to official data released Symantec fiscal year 2012 , Symantec ’s global revenue 6.7 billion dollars, but Asia-Pacific revenues accounted for only 18%. Hunting cloud antivirus industry professionals to network, said Simon wants to buy Rising intended to strengthen cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region ’s influence and market share.


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